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Add a Twist to Your Next Company Retreat

November 29th, 2018 |

Escape rooms are a new form of live, interactive entertainment that has been taking the whole world by storm. These games challenge teams of 2-10 players to “escape” a thematic room within 60 minutes. Each game has a story line, goal, or objective that players must complete by solving clues, riddles, and puzzles that they unveil in the room. While they have been popular for those looking for a good time on the weekend, escape rooms have evolved to fulfill the needs of those looking for a way to strengthen bonds and unlock individual potential.

Lately, corporations have been skipping the team building retreats to adopt the uniqueness of escape rooms, such as Captured LV in Bethlehem. Escape room games offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to practice work-related skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, group dynamics, and growth mindset development, in an excitingly enjoyable setting. The mundanity of the office is discarded and employees are forced out of their comfort zone with one hour to go from a group to a team. Furthermore, managers have seen a lot of success scoping out potential in employees who may have gone unnoticed in the workplace as they work to unravel the mysteries of each room’s challenges.

Win or lose, these games offer an unforgettable journey that can help employers discover weaknesses and strengths, define their workplace roles, and build trust as employees work to achieve a common goal. Now that sounds better than work, doesn’t it?


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