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6 Vendors You Do Not Want to Miss at Bethlehem Vegfest

June 5th, 2018 |

You do not want to miss the tasty food and treats at this year’s VegFest! Sandwiches, burgers, chimichangas, frozen banana sundaes, pastries, and more at VegFest taking place on July 14th from 11 am to 6 pm. The new location is at the Daniel Rice Field- 100W Lehigh Street. There will be over 50 vendors placed around the Daniel Rice Field containing a little something for everyone! Here are the top 6 vendors you don’t want to miss at this year’s VegFest! Some popular vendors to look out for are: Cinnamon Snail, Vegan Treats, REBL USA, The Greyhound Cafe, Pig Placement Network, and Bananarama.

  1. Bananarama

Bananarama is located in Emmaus and will be bringing their food truck stocked with tasty frozen treats. Their vegan creation of banana sundaes will be featured. They use a frozen banana whip which is a healthy alternative to ice cream! They compare it to soft serve ice cream, but the difference is it’s made with 100% bananas. They also have several vegan toppings to choose from! Come out to Vegfest and enjoy this tasty frozen treat!

 Bananarama Picture

  1. Pig Placement Network

For all our animal loving friends Pig Placement Network is the vendor for you! Pig Placement Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to potbellied pigs. They promote domesticated pigs as pets. Their mission is, “to provide education to pet pig owners, veterinarians, shelters and the general public. To work with animal shelters, humane societies, and pet pig owners to rescue unwanted, abused, or abandoned pet pigs and place them into new, loving homes.” On their website, you can search pigs in need of being adopted. At Vegfest, they will be selling pig art and t-shirts!

Pig Placement Picture

  1. The Greyhound Cafe

Guests looking to try delicious comfort food will love the Greyhound Cafe! This food stop serves 100% plant based comfort food. The Greyhound Cafe offers Buffalo wings, BBQ wings, Cheesesteak ChimiChangas. Their food is, “food that’ll make you feel good about what you eat.”

The Greyhound Cafe Image


If you are looking for Cruelty Free clothing this is the spot for you. REBL USA prides themselves on creating cruelty free and sustainable apparel and accessories for what your style needs! They have a great selection of t-shirts, tanks, bags, hats, and stickers! Check them out for some great new clothing!

REBL Clothing Image   REBL Clothing Image

2.Vegan Treats

This vendor is near and dear to the Bethlehem area. Vegan treats is a bakery that serves only vegan and vegetarian treats. They also have gluten-free pastries! Their treats are made 100% from scratch with no animal products. Their treats are so tasty that in 2012 they were named one of the Top Ten Bakeries in the World by American Express. This competition also included all bakeries, not just vegan ones.

Vegan Treats Image   Vegan Treats Image

1. Cinnamon Snail

This stop is a can’t miss! The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck is going to blow your minds and taste buds! This business has been around since 2010 primarily in New York and New Jersey. They have won several awards including: the Vendy Award (5 years in a row), and Gothamist named them NYC’s Best Food Truck, and have remained high on national top 10 lists of best food trucks in America. Cinnamon Snail has cooked at the James Beard House, and went to the Philippines to represent the USA in the World Street Food Congress. Don’t miss their Vegan sandwiches, burgers, pastries, donuts, and more!

The Cinnamon Snail Image  The Cinnamon Snail Image


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